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5 days to find clarity, confidence and focus as you navigate midlife

This 5-day programme is designed to empower you to push past fear and take action.

RUNNING JANUARY 31st - FEBRUARY 4th, inclusive, 2022, it will require about 60 minutes of your time each day.

You'll achieve clarity on the most important areas to you in your life, so that you can take meaningful actions.

Are you in the middle of your life looking for clarity and direction? Are you ready for the next phase of your life, but feeling a bit lost? Do you want to make sure that the next stage of your life is the best possible?

If so, this programme is for you. It’s called “5 days to find clarity, confidence and focus as you navigate midlife” and it helps those in midlife assess what they truly want from their lives and to get unstuck.

You’ll discover how to confidently make the best possible decisions for your future.

This programme is perfect for those who are looking for change or to find more direction in their lives but are not quite sure where to start. It can be difficult making big changes at any age, but it becomes even more challenging as we grow older as we have decades of life to unravel. The course includes 5 daily themes with exercises designed to help you understand yourself better and to identify your true passions and priorities in life.

At the end of this course, you are guaranteed to have a clear vision of where you want to go next along with a plan for making it happen!

What we will cover:

Day 1: The big picture, let’s get really clear

Day 2: What are you afraid of?

Day 3: How much do you want this?

Day 4: Who are you really?

Day 5: Taking action

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January 31st to February 4th (inclusive)
with a brief daily live and video instructioned exercises.

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