The Midlife Opportunity: Anything is Possible! Why midlife can be the best time to do what you've always wanted.

The focus of this webinar is to prompt you to take action rather than just thinking about change. So, if you want inspiration for pushing forward into new territory, register today!

JANUARY 20th 2022
7.00PM - 8.00PM GMT

I’m Andrea, I am in the middle of my life and I work with people in midlife who want to find the confidence and motivation to take that next step to feel happy and confident that your future can be far better than you ever imagined. Join me for a free 60-minute webinar where I will share insights from my own mid-life journey to help you to:

Find motivation for your own journey

Discover how to turn fear into motivation, doubts into confidence, uncertainty into certainty

Gain insight into what success can look like in the second half of life

Find the inspiration to make changes in yourself to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

Register today!

January 20th 2022, 7.00 - 8.00pm GMT
I will send a Zoom link to all in advance

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